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The Green Route is not in service. Enjoy the most emblematic parts of the city with the Blue Route and the Red Route.

Due to the Barcelona Zurich Marathon on Sunday 19 March, the Barcelona Bus Turístic will start operating from approximately 13:00 onwards.

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Tibidabo Funicular

The first funicular to operate in Spain

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The new Tibidabo funicular, the Cuca de Llum, connects Plaça Doctor Andreu to the top of the mountain and the Tibidabo Amusement Park.

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Why ride on the Tibidabo funicular?

The old Tibidabo funicular was the first transport of its kind built in Spain and officially opened in 1901, the same year that the Tramvia Blau began operating. Officially opened in June 2021, the new funicular offers more capacity, panoramic views of Barcelona and interactive equipment to make the journey a unique experience for its passengers.

The Cuca de Llum is the gateway to the Tibidabo mountain and your first experience of the amusement park.

The route of the funicular is 1,130 metres long, the top station is at a height of 501 metres and the bottom at a height of 226 metres, with a height difference of 275 metres with a maximum gradient of 25.7%.


How do you get to the Tibidabo funicular?

The Tibidabo funicular starts at Plaça del Doctor Andreu. On the Blue Route of Barcelona Bus Turístic hop off at the Tramvia Blau – Tibidabo stop, where you can take the Tramvia Blau (temporarily out of service) and then the Cuca de Llum. While the Tramvia Blau is out of service, you can take the equivalent journey up Avinguda del Tibidabo as far as Plaça del Doctor Andreu using the 196 bus route


For the most curious of you:

  • Did you know? The old Tibidabo funicular was the result of a series of coincidences. On a trip to Switzerland, the poet Celestino Ballart, a friend of the music teacher of the children of Doctor Andreu, kept a brochure for a Swiss funicular, which finally reached the doctor. The doctor, along with Romà Macaya, decided to found the Tibidabo company to develop this means of transport and reach the top of the mountain.
  • Local’s tip: Remember your Barcelona Bus Turístic ticket gives you a discount on the ticket for the new funicular, the Cuca de Llum.
  • A must: For those who want to reach the top of Tibidabo mountain in the most spectacular and direct way.