Tramvia Blau | Barcelona Bus Turístic

From 2 July, the Barcelona Bus Turístic is back to take you to the must-see spots in the city. See you there!

The Tramvia Blau is temporarily closed for modernization works on its infrastructure. Sorry for the inconveniences.

Tramvia Blau

The only survivor of Barcelona’s old tram line

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Temporarily out of service

The Tramvia Blau is temporarily closed for modernization works on its infrastructure.The modernisation of the infrastructure will make it possible to continue enjoying the city's oldest form of transport.

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With just one ticket, enjoy the three routes of the Barcelona Bus Turístic, getting on and off the bus as many times as you like.

Why ride the Tramvia Blau?

The Tramvia Blau or blue tram is the oldest means of transport that is still active in Barcelona. Its route passes through streets of Modernista houses that lead to nature spots and magnificent views of Barcelona. It is without doubt one of the most charming ways of getting to the bottom of the Tibidabo funicular.

The Tramvia Blau is an example of the trams that were in use in Barcelona in 1900. Its current route is through an area of the city that is home to numerous Modernista and Noucentista buildings. It takes you to the bottom of Tibidabo Mountain, atop which you can enjoy magnificent views of Barcelona.

With the Tramvia Blau you can also access CosmoCaixa and the Tibidabo funicular, which takes you up Tibidabo Mountain, where the amusement park, the Temple del Sagrat Cor, the Torre de Collserola and the Fabra Observatory are.


How do you get to the Tramvia Blau?

The Tramvia Blau – Tibidabo stop on the Blue Route of Barcelona Bus Turístic is at the start of the tram’s route. Remember that your Barcelona Bus Turístic ticket entitles you to a discount on your tram fare.


For the most curious of you

  • Did you know? Despite being more than a century old, the Tramvia Blau is still capable of making the 1,276 metre climb to the Tibidabo funicular.
  • Local’s tip: The Tramvia Blau is not just the first step to get to the top of Tibidabo. You can also stay at the foot of the mountain, where there are bars and restaurants with spectacular views of the city of Barcelona.
  • A must: To appreciate what transport was like in the early 20th century.