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During the celebration of the Eleventh of September (Catalan National Day), the Blue and Red route will operate until 14 h, and the Green Route until about 15 h.


A museum where you can play with science

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A different museum, where you can perform scientific experiments, penetrate the Amazon jungle and take a trip through the universe. CosmoCaixa is a museum designed to allow both children and adults to play an active role and have fun with science. Unlike most museums, at CosmoCaixa you can pretty much touch everything.

Why visit CosmoCaixa?

CosmoCaixa is an interactive museum, where the entire family can participate in games and didactic activities. In addition to its permanent exhibition, which is full of objects that play with the laws of science, CosmoCaixa also has a ‘flooded forest’, a replica of the Amazon rainforest covering a surface area of more than 1,000 m², where you can see jungle animals, and a 3D planetarium that allows you to travel through the entire universe.

Besides the exhibitions, the CosmoCaixa building itself is worth the trip. Built over an old Modernista architecture factory designed by Josep Domènech i Estapà, the museum is a large open space with nine storeys united by a magnificent spiral staircase. Outside there is a large square, a cafeteria and an open-air terrace.


How do you get to CosmoCaixa?

Hop off at the Tramvia Blau – Tibidabo stop on the Blue Route to get to CosmoCaixa with the Tramvia Blau or on foot, by climbing Avinguda del Tibidabo.


For the most curious of you

  • Did you know? In 2006, the European Museum Forum awarded CosmoCaixa the European Museum of the Year Award, which recognises the museums that have made the most progress and innovations within the museum sector.
  • Local’s tip: In addition to CosmoCaixa’s permanent spaces and temporary exhibitions, the museum organises one-off activities such as projections and concerts. You can consult its scheduled activities on the CosmoCaixa website.
  • A must: For families with children and adults interested in science, nature and the universe.