Due to the running of the Bike Festival on Sunday 15 April, the Barcelona Bus Turístic will start operating from 10:00 onwards.

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Frequently asked questions

Practical information and useful phone numbers

The population of Barcelona was 1,604,555 in 2015. The city covers an area of 101.4 km2, and features 4.58 km of coastline. The official languages spoken in the city are Catalan and Spanish.

The average maximum temperature is 21.3ºC and the minimum is 15.4ºC.
For information on public holidays in the city, please click here.

Useful telephone numbers

  • Tourist information: (+34) 93 285 38 34 | BarcelonaTurisme.cat
  • Police assistance in different languages, Tourist Assistance Service: (+34) 93 256 24 77 | (+34) 93 256 24 78
  • Guàrdia Urbana (local police) | Police | Medical emergencies | Emergencies: 112
  • Credit cards:
    VISA - 900 991 216
    Master Card - 900 971 231
    Diners Club - 902 40 11 12
    American Express - 900 94 14 13 / 902 375 637

Recommendations on safety and social coexistence in the city

To make your stay in Barcelona as pleasant as possible we recommend you bear the following pointers in mind:

  • Activities undertaken in public spaces should be respectful to other citizens. It is the responsibility of everyone to help ensure public spaces are kept clean.
  • Take care of your belongings when travelling around the city and make sure they are never left unattended.
  • Activities such as the consumption of alcohol in public spaces, prostitution and the purchase of products from unlicensed street vendors are prohibited by municipal by-law and, therefore, liable to penalty.

Barcelona Bus Turístic general conditions of service

  • Passengers are not permitted to smoke, eat or drink on the bus.
  • Pets are only allowed if they are transported in an appropriate pet carrier so that they do not create a mess or inconvenience other passengers.
  • Standing on the top deck is not permitted when the bus is moving.
  • Passengers must use the front stairs to access the top deck and descend to the lower deck via the rear stairs.
  • Passengers must not lean out of the bus.
  • Passengers must comply with a suitable dress code (it is not permitted to travel in swimsuits, shirtless, etc.).
  • Passengers are not permitted to open umbrellas on the bus.

Barcelona Bus Turístic service conditions of use

  • Ticket purchase does not guarantee a specific seat.
  • Ticket purchase does not guarantee access to any of Barcelona’s emblematic points of interest and attractions. We recommend planning your visit by gathering the relevant information and buying your tickets in advance, particularly during high season.
  • The stop at Park Güell leaves you approximately ten minutes’ walk away from the park. The walk to the park is uphill.
  • Refunds cannot be made once a ticket has been purchased.
  • No refunds or exchanges will be made in respect of tickets that are lost or stolen.
  • Ticket purchase includes one set of headphones with audio guide per person. Keep them with you for the duration of your ticket validity and wear them so that they can be used when you are on board the Barcelona Bus Turístic.
  • Bus timetable information can be found at each stop, as well as on the buses themselves.
  • The organisation shall not be liable for any changes that may be implemented due to force majeure or circumstances beyond its control.
  • If any special event or public holiday makes it necessary to alter the published timetable, journey time or frequency of service, the tourist offices or the tour guides on the buses themselves will duly notify the passengers about these changes.
  • The organisation reserves the right to vary departure points and timetables without prior notice and to establish and/or remove stops when necessary.
  • The organisation is not liable for the changes that may be made by the sponsors/partners with regard to passenger discount booklets. Discounts are applicable during the current year.
  • We reserve the right to refuse admission to our buses and complaints forms are available on board.
  • Passengers travelling with luggage or pushchairs for small children must store them in the central space on the lower deck of the bus, next to the rear staircase, and must not leave them unattended.
  • People with wheelchairs will find an appropriate space reserved on the lower deck of the buses.
  • The organisation is not responsible for objects lost or left behind on the bus.

Remember that you must always follow the instructions provided by the guide. Thank you very much.

More frequently asked questions

  • What is the service timetable?

    The Barcelona Bus Turístic service starts running at 9 am at the majority of stops. Information on the approximate timings for the first and last buses can be found at the stops. The last run for each of the routes commences at 8 pm in the summer season and at 7 pm in the winter season.

  • Where can I hop on Barcelona Bus Turístic?

    You can hop on the bus at any of our stops. If you do not already have a ticket, they are available to purchase on board.

  • Is the ticket valid for one day or for 24 hours?

    Barcelona Bus Turístic tickets are valid for either one calendar day or two consecutive calendar days, not for 24/48 hour periods. The one-day ticket is valid until the end of service on the day the ticket is used.

  • If I buy a two-day ticket, do I have to use it on consecutive days?

    Yes, the two-day tickets must be used on consecutive days.

  • Can I change route using the same ticket?

    Yes, the ticket is valid for all three routes and passengers can hop on or hop off at any of the stops on presentation of a valid ticket.

  • Are the buses adapted for people using a wheelchair?

    All Barcelona Bus Turístic buses are equipped with an access ramp and wheelchair space inside the vehicle.

  • Can I bring my luggage on board the bus?

    Our buses are not equipped with luggage racks. Passengers travelling with suitcases should leave them in the central space on the lower deck of the bus and must not leave them unattended.

  • Can I bring a child’s pushchair on board?

    Yes, of course, children are welcome! But you must store the pushchair, folded where possible, on the lower deck and it must not be left unattended.

  • Are animals allowed on board?

    Pets are only allowed on board if they are transported in an appropriate carrier properly prepared for the task so that they do not create a mess or inconvenience other passengers.

  • When will I receive my booklet with more than €250 worth of discounts?

    The first time you board one of our buses and purchase a ticket or show your pre-purchased ticket, ask a member of staff for your Barcelona Bus Turístic discounts booklet. These discounts are valid until 31 December and you can save up to €250!

  • I have lost my ticket, what can I do?

    Unfortunately, it is only possible to travel on the bus with a valid ticket and no refunds or exchanges will be made in respect of tickets that have been lost or stolen. No other types of proof of payment or travel pass will be accepted. Once you have purchased your ticket you must keep it safe, as you will be required to show it when you board the buses and during routine inspections. Passengers are responsible for making sure that they have been issued a ticket and, if not, request it from the bus personnel at the time of purchase.

  • I have left an object on board the bus, how can I recover it?

    Please check with the Tourist Information Office located on the lower ground floor of number 17, Plaça de Catalunya. You can also contact the Tourist Information Office by phone (+34) 93 285 38 32