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Palo Alto

A creative cluster in an old yarn factory

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A revamped 19th-century factory plays host to architecture, design, photography and other artistic studios. Palo Alto is a creative hub managed by a foundation run by the artist Javier Mariscal, who preserved the industrial architecture complex of this factory, the only one in the Poblenou district that has retained its original perimeter.

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Why visit Palo Alto?

In the heart of the old industrial district of Poblenou is the old Gal i Puigsech factory, which is now Palo Alto: a benchmark space for creative activity in the city, which holds cultural events, exhibitions and a market where you can find stalls selling organic and street food, new and vintage clothing, accessories and jewellery, artisanal products, books, records, and lots more.

The Gal i Puigsech factory, designed by the architect Antoni Vila i Bruguera, was built in 1875 as a textile complex, but throughout its history it has been used for a variety of purposes by various owners. In 1989, Pierre Roca acquired the complex, which consists of various factory buildings and a yard, home to the emblematic chimney that now bears witness to its manufacturing past, in order to create a film studio called Palo Alto.

However, the urban development plan established for the Barcelona ’92 Olympic Games included a city council appropriation order that would have demolished the factory. It was the community of artists who had their studios at the site, headed by Mariscal, that defended the Palo Alto project and managed to have the facility classified as a new build so its structure could be maintained intact. In fact, the current buildings are the same ones that were constructed from the late 19th century to the mid-20th century, although their interiors have been restored.


How do you get to Palo Alto?

From Diagonal Mar Park on the Green Route of Barcelona Bus Turístic you can reach Palo Alto, which is on Carrer dels Pellaires, in just a few minutes.


For the most curious of you

  • Did you know? On the first weekend of the month Palo Alto holds a market that promotes emerging culture and new creators and also includes concerts and gastronomic activities.
  • Local’s tip: Palo Alto is very close to Diagonal Mar Park, one of Barcelona’s largest green spaces. It is also worth visiting while you are there.
  • A must: For lovers of new trends, vintage clothes, design and alternative culture.