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Due to the La Mercè Fun Run on Sunday, 19 September, the Barcelona Bus Turístic service will be disrupted throughout the morning, until 3 p.m. Find out more at stops or consult service staff.

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Barcelona Aquarium

A recreational and educational marine centre that will fill your visit to Barcelona with colours

Hola Barcelona, your travel solution

Barcelona Aquarium, which is one of Europe’s largest, contains more than 11,000 marine animals from 450 different species. Considered to be the world’s most important Mediterranean-themed aquarium, it features an underwater tunnel through which you can take an 80 metre walk along the seabed and admire the aquarium’s star attractions: sharks.

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With just one ticket, enjoy the three routes of the Barcelona Bus Turístic, getting on and off the bus as many times as you like.

Why visit Barcelona Aquarium?

The Aquarium, located at the Port Vell harbour, is a recreational and educational marine centre where visitors can not only learn about the main species that live in the Mediterranean, but also discover sea creatures that have had to adapt to extreme aquatic conditions like the cold of the icecaps, the darkness of abysses, and the warmth of tropical waters.

The Oceanarium is without doubt the most visited zone of the aquarium as it is home to gilt-head breams, moray eels, ocean sunfish, rays and two species of shark, which you can view from an underwater tunnel that is over 80 metres in length. The ‘Explora!’ interactive zone is a delight for children as they can touch, investigate and play with activities especially designed to discover the marine world.


How do you get to Barcelona Aquarium?

The Port Vell stop on the Red Route of Barcelona Bus Turístic is just a few metres away from the entrance to Barcelona Aquarium.


For the most curious of you

  • Did you know? The feeding times of the various sea creatures are posted at the entrance to the aquarium. If you’re lucky, you might get to see the sharks feed!
  • Local’s tip: To avoid queuing it is advisable to buy your tickets on the aquarium’s website.
  • A must: For families with children and lovers of the marine world.