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History Museum of Catalonia

The history of Catalonia, narrated at the Palau de Mar

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Located in a building whose architecture is typical of the port style of the 19th century, this museum allows you to see how Catalonia’s culture has evolved. The History Museum of Catalonia was created in 1996 by the Government of Catalonia with the aim of providing a vision of the history of Catalonia from prehistory to the present day.

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Why visit the History Museum of Catalonia?

The History Museum of Catalonia is located at the Palau de Mar de Barcelona, a fine example of port architecture designed and built from 1880 to 1890 by the engineer Maurici Garrán to be used as a commercial warehouse. The palace, one of the most significant elements of Catalonia’s industrial heritage, was home to the old General Trade Warehouses, where goods that arrived at the port were held, until in 1992 it was remodelled by the architects Josep Benedito and Agustí Mateos to be the site of the museum, the Contemporary History Centre of Catalonia and the Government of Catalonia Ministry of Social Welfare and Family.

At the History Museum of Catalonia, which was inaugurated in February 1996, you will find a collection of objects, documents, historic recreations, dioramas and audiovisual elements that teach you about the evolution of Catalan culture in a fun way. The permanent exhibition invites you to go on a journey through the history of Catalonia that focuses on the characteristics and evolution of the societies that have occupied the territory, covering political, social, economic and cultural aspects in a didactic and popular manner.


How do you get to the History Museum of Catalonia?

On the Red Route of Barcelona Bus Turístic hop off at the Museu d’Història de Catalunya stop.


For the most curious of you

  • Did you know? The design of the Palau de Mar was based on English port buildings from the period like those at the docks in London and Liverpool.
  • Local’s tip: On summer nights the museum holds concerts on its terrace.
  • A must: To learn about the history and culture of Catalonia in a fun and didactic manner.