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Finca Miralles Gate and Wall

A gate bearing Gaudí’s stamp

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The entrance to the Finca Miralles and its wavy wall are an example of Antoni Gaudí’s unmistakeable style. The Modernista architect was only responsible for the wall and the gate of the estate, but thanks to their singular nature and architectural value they are now the only elements that are left.

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Why visit the gate to Finca Miralles?

The industrialist Ermenegild Miralles engaged Gaudí to construct the private residence for his family on land he had purchased in Sarrià. However, the building was finally designed by Domènec Sugrañes, with Gaudí only being responsible for the main entrance and perimeter wall, which are the only elements of the estate that are still standing today and are classified as Cultural Assets of National Interest. The wall and gate now enclose a number of buildings erected in the late 1960s, popularly known as Les Cotxeres or tram sheds as this was their former purpose.

The most surprising aspect is the wavy profile of the gate and the wall, made in mortar and white trencadís broken tile mosaic, finished with a metal grid with spikes on the top that evokes a fishing net. The wall links the entrance with a sinuous foiled arch where there are two gates, one for carriages and one for pedestrians, also featuring original curved forms. Both accesses are protected on either side by two large complex awnings: a metal structure of crosspieces forms the mesh of beams that supports fibro-cement pieces in the form of a tortoiseshell. These oversized awnings provide both shade and shelter and were designed by the artist expressly for this project.

Gaudí crowned the work with two excellent examples of his wrought iron design: the railing of the pedestrian gate and the classic three-dimensional four-armed cross. The cross you see today is a replica, given that the original is on display at the Gaudí House Museum in Park Güell.


How do you get to the Finca Miralles Gate?

The gate of the old Miralles estate is on Passeig de Manuel Girona, 55-57, which you can get to from the Diagonal – Les Corts stop on the Blue Route of Barcelona Bus Turístic.


For the most curious of you

  • Did you know? The figure you see at the gate is a life-size statue of Gaudí. In 2000, the gate was restored and to celebrate it this piece called To Antoni Gaudí was sculpted by Joaquim Camps.
  • A must: For those who want to see one of the most lifelike representations of Gaudí.