Parc Diagonal Mar stop (to Fòrum) | Barcelona Bus Turístic

The Green Route is not in service. Enjoy the most emblematic parts of the city with the Blue Route and the Red Route.

Due to the state-wide strike set to be staged by bus drivers, the Barcelona Bus Turístic will not be operating on Thursday 18 May.

The Diagonal Mar stop (towards Fòrum) of the Green Route is not in service. Enjoy the most emblematic places of the city, jumping off at the stops on the Blue Route and the Red Route of our official tour.

Parc Diagonal Mar stop (towards Fòrum)

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A stop where historical manufacturing facilities, like the Besòs Water Tower, merge with modern green spaces and with the use of old industrial complexes as creative clusters.

Barcelona reclaims its industrial past

From the Parc Diagonal Mar stop on the Green Route of Barcelona Bus Turístic you can see at first hand various examples of how a district with a long industrial tradition has been transformed into one of the city’s most innovative areas.

Diagonal Mar Park, a large green space with play areas, was built on land that had been occupied by a large metalworking company and is decorated with steel sculptures as a reminder of its manufacturing past. The Besòs Water Tower, now a large structure that offers a panoramic view of Barcelona, is also a remnant of that past.

A very different example is Palo Alto, a space run by a community of artists, including Javier Mariscal, which occupies the industrial units and courtyard of the old Gal i Puigsech textile factory and organises cultural events, exhibitions, and a market where you can find unique and designer objects.