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Barcelona Botanical Garden

A display of Mediterranean climate plant species

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A garden with more than 1,300 species of plants from Australia, California, Chile, South Africa and the Mediterranean Basin. Barcelona Botanical Garden, a 14 hectare space located on Montjuïc Mountain, reproduces the ecosystems of various parts of the world that share similar landscapes.

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What to visit at the Botanical Garden?

The Botanical Garden shows the similarity of Californian, Chilean, South African and Australian landscapes to those of the Mediterranean Basin by means of an extensive representation of Mediterranean climate plant species. The garden is in constant evolution and every year new species are planted to test their ability to adapt, which means that it never has the same collection from year to year.

The Botanical Garden was opened in 1999 in the space between Montjuïc Stadium, Montjuïc Castle and Montjuïc Cemetery with the aim of contributing to the conservation of Mediterranean plant life biodiversity. It offers good views of the Llobregat delta and of the Olympic Ring, with the Garraf massif and the Collserola and Marina sierras in the background. The Botanical Garden forms part of the Natural Sciences Museum of Barcelona.


How do you get to the Botanical Garden?

Hop off at the Anella Olímpica stop on the Red Route of Barcelona Bus Turístic and follow Passeig Olímpic around the Olympic stadium to the entrance of the Botanical Garden.


For the most curious of you

  • Did you know? The Botanical Garden still conserves the Historic Botanical Garden, which was founded in 1930. It is a small gem of Barcelona landscaping located behind the MNAC’s car park.

  • Local’s tip: On Saturdays and Sundays, at 10.45 am and 12 noon, the Friends of the Botanical Garden Association organises guided visits to discover the flora of this immense green space.

  • A must: For nature lovers and anyone interested in plant species.