Zoo stop | Barcelona Bus Turístic

Due to the Barcelona Half Marathon on Sunday 17 october, the Red Route will start operating from approximately 10:00 onwards.

Zoo stop

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A good starting point for a route through the residential and coastal district of the Olympic Village or to explore Ciutadella Park, the city’s first public park, where the Catalan Parliament Building and Barcelona Zoo are located.

A park full of history

The Zoo stop on the Red Route of Barcelona Bus Turístic is on Carrer de Salvador Espriu, next to Plaça dels Voluntaris Olímpics. From here you can explore one of the city’s most modern districts, the result of an ambitious urban development plan implemented for the 1992 Olympic Games that transformed an industrial and degraded area into the Olympic Village, a residential zone with wide streets, green spaces and the aroma of the sea.

You can also stroll to Ciutadella Park, an enormous green space that was designed on land that had been previously occupied by a military citadel and in 1888 hosted the Barcelona Universal Exposition. Now, in the park you can see the Catalan Parliament Building and Barcelona Zoo, which has ten spaces especially conditioned for species to live in different environments. To leave the park, we recommend you take Passeig de Lluís Companys, along which you can admire the Arc de Triomf.

What to see